An Open Letter to Nathan Dahm

To:    Nathan Dahm – Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party

cc:    Members of the State Committee

Dear Nathan Dahm,

I have been debating whether or not to send a letter on this subject for the last year.  Each time, I would decide that my time would be better spent on my county party and have dropped it.  But now, I feel that I must bring up this subject to your attention as well as the rest of the state committee’s attention.

I have heard it said many times that “we are the party of rules!”  I would challenge you: where is that in our rules or platform?  You, I, Mr. Hill, and the vast majority of the state committee would all claim to be Christ’s followers.  As Christians, we have a higher duty and responsibility than just to the party.  God has told us men what He wants.  Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.  The GOP is a vehicle that should be used to advance His purposes.  In fact, that is the only way for the GOP to move forward, with God’s help, by promoting those goals.  We should be the party of vision, truth, justice, and mercy.  Jesus spoke of a group that had rules as their authority.  He didn’t speak well of them.  While he didn’t condemn them for tithing the spices, he did for their neglect of the weightier matters of the law!  I would argue that you are neglecting the weightier matters of the law as well.  As an example, when faced with a resolution calling for justice for our January 6 Political Prisoners, you found (created a novel interpretation of) a rule to prevent even hearing it!  And even when it was finally brought up, and the resolution was passed by the state committee body, where were the statement and press releases about this issue?  Your excuse was: “It didn’t say what to do with the resolution.”  Justice for our J6ers is a weighty issue.  An issue of justice was denied by “following the rules” as you interpret them. 

As Jesus said about the sabbath, it “was made for man, and not man for the sabbath.” I believe that should be applied to our rules as well.  They are made for us, not we for them.  As Christians, our primary concern should be for what is right, not what is expedient, or even what the rules say (if they should contradict what is right).  We will each be judged by God according to His law, not the state party rules.  That certainly doesn’t mean that we should ignore the rules, but we should always endeavor to do what is right, working within the rules unless they are overruled by higher law.  The rules are to direct us towards doing what is right not as an excuse to get out of it.  You, however, it would seem, are only concerned with following the rules (as you interpret them) when they are useful to your own purposes.  Jesus also called out the tendency of men loading other men with burdens that they won’t even touch with one finger.

I have seen some of your communication with other members of the party.  I would say, “with myself,” but I have never received any response from you to any of my inquiries.  Maybe it’s because I am only a county vice chair?  A leader should be respectful not demeaning when writing to those “under” him, but encouraging and building them up (towards truth) in the Lord.  That is not what I have seen in numerous examples.

Why is it that so many of the Republican ideals of government are being ignored under your administration?  To mention just a few:

    Election Integrity – I have been emailing asking for a copy of the voting spreadsheets from the convention since the Monday following the convention and still have heard nothing.

    Fiscal responsibility – Has the Budget committee met this year?  Did they approve the convention budget and registration fee?  Why the inability of the members of that committee to obtain any of the documents that the rules give them a right to access?

    Transparency – I have also asked for the complete list of people invited to participate in the convention committees.  That request has also not even been acknowledged.  Additionally, there was a directive by the state committee that an accounting of the costs and income from the convention be distributed to all delegates within 15 days after the convention.  I have not seen anything yet.

    Equal Representation – The Vice Chairman of the 3rd Congressional District has been prevented from assuming his place on the State and Executive Committees after he was fairly and properly elected to represent us in those bodies.

I could list many other examples.  You could say these are inconsequential things, but I believe that these and others I could mention show “a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object (and) evinces a design to reduce” us “under absolute Despotism.”  The British would have said that a tax on tea was a little issue as well!  You were elected because the people thought that you stood for those ideals in the Senate and would stand for them in the party, not become the “senate leadership” that you rightly call out.

I have heard that the ideal form of government would be a benevolent monarchy.  Unfortunately, with fallen mankind, we can not secure the benevolent sort.  Thus, as our founders wisely directed, it is best to spread the power out to the most number of accountable people.  Not a democracy, but a republic.  That is how our state party should work.  It is the “Republican” party after all!  That is what I and others in the state committee wish to do.  We at the county level are accountable to our counties.  You, as our chairman, are supposed to follow and carry out our directions.  Since you have been unwilling or unable to do this, I am asking for your resignation.

To be clear, this is not anything personal, (other than a concern for your soul with the direction that you are pursuing) but rather it is our right, it is our duty, as representatives of our counties and as responsible for the welfare of the state party to see to your removal and replacement with someone who will do what is right. 

I hope that you will take and consider this letter in the spirit of Christ’s love that it is offered in.


Nathan Voelkers
Vice Chairman
Kay County Republican Party

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Nathan Dahm”

  1. I’ve not had Nathan EVER respond to my inquiries, either, and I’ve heard the same from all too many other state Republicans. He is going to defend himself, I guess, on Saturday at 1:30, but many would have LOVED to have heard from him well before this. Pretty late in the game. But I plan on attending both the 1:30 meeting and the 4PM State Committee Meeting dedicated to witnesses offering testimony of misbehavior on Nathan’s part worthy of his dismissal as State GOP Chair. The allegations I’ve seen don’t seem like things Nathan would do, especially after being such a fantastic example to us in the State Senate, suffering at the hands of Senate ‘leadership’ for some of the stands he has made. But if he is shown to be guilty of those things Saturday, removing him from the Chairmanship would be a good and needed thing.

  2. Charles De Furia

    This is an excellent letter. I shared it with some people in the Oklahoma County GOP. As James Taylor would say: “It’s Biblical not political.” James Taylor ran against Tom Cole twice. (With Republicans like Tom Cole, who needs Democrats?)

  3. Thank you for your wonderfully written and important letter that I hope all will read! I so appreciate what you are doing in Kay County as is our Oklahoma County Vice Chair Cathy Conner along with Claire Kennedy state committee woman and many others are doing to effect change. It’s time for these organizations to run effectively by we the people! Not from the top down! Thank you again ✝️🇺🇸🙏🏼

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