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Mark and Jalise Middleton

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Recent Resolutions Passed by the Kay County Committee:

Adopted by the Kay County Republican Party County Committee, April 18, 2024

WHEREAS WHO (World Health Organization) Constitution Article 1 states their objective as “the  attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health”; and 

WHEREAS the forced COVID-19 mandates on masks, lockdowns, experimental injections, and the  simultaneous refusal of those in authority to explore alternative preventatives and therapeutics demonstrated to  us that the definition of the ideal of what is “health” is not universally accepted and so the WHO’s constituted  objective is not universally accepted; and 

WHEREAS WHO Constitution Article 20 requires members to be held accountable to the WHO for  following convention guidance or agreements1; and 

WHEREAS the WHO resolved in December 2021 to develop a legally binding centralized and globally  uniform pandemic response. The 2 June 2023 draft, named “WHO convention, agreement or other international  instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response” (WHO CA+), and the 30 Oct 2023 draft, named the WHO Pandemic Agreement, both aim to correct what they see as the catastrophic failure of not  having a globally uniform response during the COVID-19 pandemic2; and 

WHEREAS the WHO publicly claims that States would maintain their sovereignty but under WHO  CA+ Article 3 General Principles and Approaches3, in exercising their sovereignty States “shall uphold the  purposes and objectives of the WHO CA+ and carry out their obligations under the WHO CA+.” In other  words, State sovereignty only goes so far as the restrictions of the WHO Pandemic Agreement will allow, which  is a clear and direct encroachment on State sovereignty; and 

WHEREAS under WHO Pandemic Agreement Article 18 Communication and Public Awareness4 and  Article 9 Research and Development5 pandemic-related mis/disinformation is addressed as needing  management at “local, national, regional and international levels” and authority to determine measures,  procedures and guidelines for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response is authorized to the WHO  Parties under Article 16 International Collaboration and Cooperation6 leading us to conclude that Parties of the  WHO Pandemic Agreement claim the authority to define mis/disinformation; and 

WHEREAS under WHO Pandemic Agreement Article 1 Use of Terms the WHO’s definition of  “infodemic” suggests that people exploring and/or following guidance or information that is not approved by  the WHO would problematically lead to a mistrust in health authorities and undermine public health and social  measures7; and 

WHEREAS under WHO Pandemic Agreement Article 2 Objective and Scope8 the Pandemic  Agreement “applies at all times” which raises questions as to the overreaching scope of control this body would  assume and under Article 12 Access and Benefit Sharing9 a WHO Pathogen Access and Benefit Sharing  System (WHO PABS System) is oddly specified to be used “at all times, both during and between pandemics”;  and 

WHEREAS an option to WHO CA+ Article 15 International Collaboration and Cooperation gives the  WHO Director General authority to declare a global pandemic10; and 

WHEREAS under WHO Pandemic Agreement Article 1 Use of Terms11 and Article 5 One Health12 the  definition of “One Health Approach” takes into account the health of ecosystems and calls Parties to “take  action on climate change” which leads us to doubt the WHO’s presumed authority being confined to pandemics  and public health and to question whether “climate change” would ever be deemed an event warranting WHO  measures and mandates; and 

WHEREAS under WHO Pandemic Agreement Article 21 Conference of the Parties13 subsidiary bodies  shall be established to address such things as product selection and compliance and under WHO CA+ Article 22  Implementation and Compliance Committee14, Article 23 Panel of Experts to Provide Scientific Advice15 and  Article 24 Pandemic-Related Products Expert Committee16 those subsidiary bodies are defined in detail and raise concerns about censorship of pandemic-related information as well as a centralized and restricted selection  of pandemic-related products; and 

WHEREAS under WHO Pandemic Agreement Article 27 Withdrawal17 withdrawal from WHO  Pandemic Agreement is not immediate but requires a waiting period of at least 3 years and requires formal  withdrawal from individual instruments and protocols in addition to the WHO Pandemic Agreement; and 

WHEREAS under WHO Pandemic Agreement Article 34 Settlement of Disputes18 an unreasonable  amount of authority is given to the Depositary who is the Secretary General of United Nations and also raises  questions about giving up USA national sovereignty to the named “International Court of Justice” that is set up  to settle disputes; and  

WHEREAS the WHO Pandemic Agreement adheres to objectionable “woke” ideology throughout the document19 stating in their objective that they are “guided by equity” which is the sameness of outcomes  rather than equality which is the sameness of opportunity, and that they aspire “to the progressive realization of  universal health coverage” whereby richer countries are obligated to financially support developing countries,  and that in the formulation of pandemic responses Parties must not seek the most qualified participants but must  “promote equitable representation… as well as equal and meaningful participation of young people and  women”; and 

WHEREAS the OKGOP platform states “We support the patient-doctor relationship and oppose  nationalized medicine”; and 

WHEREAS the OKGOP platform states “We support full consumer access to safe foods, medications,  and alternative treatments including access to all information regarding such substances”; and 

WHEREAS the OKGOP platform states “We support the right of every citizen to determine if they will  receive a vaccination, medication, experimental drug or therapeutic without force of coercion”; and 

WHEREAS under US Constitution Article 1 Section 8 and Article 2 Sections 2 and 3 control of citizen  health autonomy is an enumerated power of neither Congress nor the President and they therefore have no  power to turn citizen health autonomy over to a created global entity; and  

WHEREAS under the Bill of Rights Amendment 1 Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom  of speech of which the WHO Pandemic Agreement aims to infringe upon with their WHO-approved pandemic related information; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT 

RESOLVED That the Kay County Republican Committee rejects the WHO Pandemic Agreement and supports all national, state and local governing bodies asserting sovereignty and refusing to enforce within their jurisdiction any mandate originating from the WHO Pandemic Agreement and any measure that infringes on their citizens’ personal health autonomy and/or freedom of speech. Further, we condemn the enforcement by any national, state or local governing body of any mandate or measure originating from the WHO Pandemic Agreement that infringes on citizens’ individual  health autonomy and/or freedom of speech.


December 14, 2023

Whereas, the U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4 provides: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion… .”

Whereas, the United States, as a sovereign nation, is defined by its territorial borders;

Whereas, it is the immediate goal of hostile nations and global forces to destroy the United States as a sovereign nation and to incorporate its land and citizens into a Marxist “New World Order;”

Whereas, every federally elected official takes a sworn oath to protect the United States against its enemies, “both foreign and domestic;”

Whereas, it is the perceived policy of the current Democrat Administration, supported by all Democrat and some Republican members in the House and Senate, to bring about this destruction;

Whereas, to carry out this maleficent plan the Administration and its supporters have unlawfully done away with any control of our southern border and collaborated with inimical powers to bring across the open border millions of criminals, many from countries openly hostile to the United States, creating a clear and present danger to national security;

Whereas, the cost of supporting these criminals is contributing massively to our already unsustainable federal debt;

Whereas, since January 2023 the United States House of Representatives has done nothing to stem the criminal invasion of our Country;

Whereas, unlimited deficit spending and accumulation of unbearable federal debt has continued unabated using the blackmail ploy of passing massive omnibus spending bills by continuing resolutions “to avoid financial calamity brought about by a government shut-down;” and

Whereas, our beloved nation now finds itself in a life and death struggle for its survival and can no longer delay dealing with criminal invasion, nation destroying deficit spending, and unbearable federal debt; now, therefore, be it

Resolved: That the Kay County Republican Committee of Oklahoma requires our elected members of Congress – Senator Lankford, Senator Mullin, and Representative Lucas– to vote nay on any further continuing budget resolutions – even at the cost of shutting down all non-emergency functions of government – until substantive and irrevocable steps have been taken to close the southern border of this most sovereign of nations: the United States of America; and

Resolved: That this Resolution be forwarded to the Republican County Party of the other 76 Oklahoma Counties urging that they adopt it so as to send our elected representatives a united and unmistakable message: Stop the Invasion Now!

Passed by the County Committee of the Kay County Republican Party on December 14, 2023


Sponsored by Brian Hobbs

Adopted by the Kay County Republican Party County Committee, October 12, 2023

WHEREAS, President Donald J. Trump has been corruptly and unlawfully targeted by Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Jack Smith, through indictments based upon political grounds; and

WHEREAS, The 14th amendment guarantees fair and equal treatment under the law-for all. Our justice system demands that we investigate crimes in search of perpetrators, rather than investigating citizens in search of crimes, for political gain; and

WHEREAS, The Fifth Amendment guarantees citizens are innocent until proven guilty; and Donald J. Trump has been innocent of any and all crimes he’s been accused of; and

WHEREAS, The Kay County Republican Party believes in free and fair elections and justice through equality of rights and equal treatment under the law; and

WHEREAS, The Kay County Republican Party believes that campaigning for elected office should not include the weaponization of the federal government and criminal justice system; be it therefore

RESOLVED, That the Kay County Republican Party calls on our federal delegation, James Lankford, Markwayne Mullin, Frank Lucas and/or any Republican Party representative who represents the people of Kay County, Oklahoma to condemn the continuous political persecution of President Donald J. Trump.

Resolution in Support of Ryan Walters

Kay County Republican Party of Oklahoma

October 12th, 2023

Whereas, Ryan Walters is being an effective and courageous public servant by working to:

  1. stand up to the Oklahoma political machines,
  2. remove pornography from schools,
  3. eradicate critical race theory and DEI,
  4. remove Marxist propaganda,
  5. push back against the lies of the teachers’ unions,
  6. focus on improving education and empowering parents;

Whereas, There are establishment forces in Oklahoma (Democrat officials, Republican officials, teachers’ unions, NGO’s, private organizations, and media) aligning to attempt to remove and undermine Ryan Walters from his position as Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction;

Whereas, Ryan Walters actions are consistent with the Education portion of the Platform of the Oklahoma Republican Party;

Resolved, That the Kay County Republican Party of Oklahoma commends State Superintendent Ryan Walters for the steps he has taken to clean up our schools and encourages him to continue on in that task with our full support;

Resolved, That we strongly condemn ANY Republican (Mark McBride or any other) member of the Oklahoma House or Senate who votes for or supports in any way the impeachment, removal, or undermining of Ryan Walters from being Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Passed by the Kay County Republican Party Committee on October 12, 2023.

Resolution of Censure of Representative Frank Lucas

Kay County Republican Party of Oklahoma

October 12, 2023

Whereas, the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform states that we are opposed to higher taxes, deficit spending, funding the government by continuing resolution rather than a formal budget, and wars without proper declaration;

Whereas, OK CD3 Representative Frank Lucas voted for H.R.5860 – “Continuing Appropriations Act, 2024 and Other Extensions Act” which continues to fund the Federal Government at current levels with out spending cuts required as evidenced by a debt of $33 Trillion;

Whereas, the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives broke multiple promises that had been negotiated during his campaign for the office of speaker, including release of the January 6 footage to the PUBLIC, not continuing the funding of the Federal Government by continuing resolutions, and a serious investigation into the corruption of the Biden family;

Whereas, OK CD3 Representative Frank Lucas voted to retain the former Speaker regardless of his broken promises and his constituents’ expressed wishes, be it therefore

Resolved, That Representative Frank Lucas is Censured by the Kay County Republican Party for his recent and longstanding support of reckless government spending, and refusal to hold accountable the former speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Passed by the Kay County Republican Party Committee on October 12, 2023.

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