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  • Resolutions passed by the 2024 Oklahoma State Republican Convention

    These resolutions were passed as a unit by the 2024 Oklahoma State Republican Party Convention in Oklahoma City on May 3rd.

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  • Kay County GOP Resolution Opposing the WHO

    RESOLUTION OPPOSING MANDATES ORIGINATING FROM WHO PANDEMIC AGREEMENT AND ENCOURAGING ALL NATIONAL, STATE, AND LOCAL GOVERNING BODIES TO REFUSE ENFORCING SUCH MANDATES Adopted by the Kay County Republican Party County Committee, April 18, 2024 WHEREAS WHO (World Health Organization) Constitution Article 1 states their objective as “the  attainment by all peoples of the highest possible…

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  • 2024 Kay County Republican Precinct Meetings and County Convention Report

    The 2024 Kay County Republican Convention took place on March 2nd at the Ponca City VFW Post. We started off meeting by precinct with each precinct meeting individually. Once those concluded the County Convention kicked off. Darren Hamilton, candidate for Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District came and spoke about why he is running. We took a…

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