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  Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Our party, while composed of many individual views,
unites in the ideals of moral and fiscal conservatism.

Kay County Republican Meeting.
7 PM Thursday, July 27, Pioneer Tech Center.

Colonel Dawson Smith (Ret) traveled extensively throughout Africa with the U.N. Peacekeeping Mission. Locations include Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Rwanda, Angola, Nigeria and several other locations which we hear about occasionally on our TV news.

There are more than 118,000 military, police and civilian personnel, serving on 16 peacekeeping operations all led by the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO).

United Nations Peacekeeping helps countries torn by conflict create the conditions for lasting peace.

Col. Smith is highly critical of the news media in their failure to reveal to the TV viewer (and the print media) the strife and suffering inflicted on innocent populations around the world.

We often hear news about the UN that creates a critical image in our mind. Col. Smith (Ponca City) will provide an eye witness, first hand account of the many factors that the UN Peacekeeping effort is having to deal with.

Area civic leaders will share their work and other impromptu guests and subjects will make this a very interesting meeting.

7 PM Thursday, July 27, Pioneer Tech Center.



Notice: The location for the monthly Kay County Republican Party meeting has changed. The new location is in the Pioneer Tech Center ~ the 'Seminar Center East', room A101. Use the North Entrance then turn right down the hall. (Red neon sign.) 

Normally at 7 PM, fourth Thursday of each month.

Note that these meetings are FREE and open to the public. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or whatever, are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

7 PM, Pioneer Technology Center, 2101 North Ash, Ponca City.

Thank you Google Maps ~ below. 


Doctor Carolyn McLarty has created an excellent explanation of The Electoral College, why it was created, and why the idea is of such great value. Spend a few minutes and bring yourself up to speed on this important aspect of our government. 

(Read to the end. Our freedoms and liberties are in jeopardy. )

Click HERE


Unless there is a calendar date conflict the KCRP meeting is normally  on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00PM at Pioneer Tech Center, 2101 North Ash, Ponca City.


Contact us for details and know that you are very welcome and encouraged to attend any of our meetings or special events.


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