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  Friday, January 05, 2018

Welcome to the website of the
Kay County Republican Party of Oklahoma. 

Our party, while composed of many individual views,
unites in the ideals of moral and fiscal conservatism



The date has (again) been moved up to January 18th, 2018.  (The third Thursday rather than the normal fourth Thursday.) This reschedule is to avoid a conflict with another important civic event in town.  

The keynote speaker for the January 18 meeting will be Kevin Stitt,  candidate for Governor of Oklahoma.  His website is  Interesting. 

A very detailed overview of Kevin's life story at:



A special "Something-To-Think-About" for
 the January meeting. 

You must hear this presentation. 

  The Power of Self Talk is a key to your ability to enhance your enjoyment and effectiveness in your political activism and every area of your life’s communication. 

Dr. Jim Will of Ponca City has been a consultant to many organizations nationally both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Jim points out that “Self Image psychology is the study of the many attitudes, beliefs, and opinions of which we are unfortunately unaware.” Jim is available for your questions or to invite to meet with your organization. 

Please visit   to learn more

See below. Get on the e-mailing list for last minute reminders. 

Notice: The location for the monthly Kay County Republican Party meeting has changed. The new location is in the Pioneer Tech Center ~ the 'Seminar Center East', room A101. Use the North Entrance then turn right down the hall. (Red neon sign.) 

Normally at 7 PM, fourth Thursday of each month.

Note that these meetings are FREE and open to the public. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or whatever, are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

7 PM, Pioneer Technology Center, 2101 North Ash, Ponca City.

Thank you Google Maps ~ below. 


Doctor Carolyn McLarty has created an excellent explanation of The Electoral College, why it was created, and why the idea is of such great value. Spend a few minutes and bring yourself up to speed on this important aspect of our government. 

(Read to the end. Our freedoms and liberties are in jeopardy. )

Click HERE


Unless there is a calendar date conflict the KCRP meeting is normally  on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00PM at Pioneer Tech Center, 2101 North Ash, Ponca City.


Contact us for details and know that you are very welcome and encouraged to attend any of our meetings or special events.


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